Multi-surface management

PanoTek's line of Video Wall Controllers possess a feature called 'Surface Management'. This feature facilitates running several, independent video walls from a single controller system, or to define different regions on a single large wall that are to be managed separately.

Each group of outputs that needs to be managed as one logical display canvas is referred to as a "surface". The surface management feature allows:

  • A single user to control multiple video walls from a single controller
  • Delegation of control over different video walls to different users
  • Division of responsibility for distinct regions of a single video wall to different users

Establishing a multi-surface configuration is simplified by using the 'Configure Surfaces' tool. In the following example we have partitioned our demonstration video wall (which is a 3x2 LCD array) into 3 unique surfaces. These surfaces could also represent multiple video walls.

Here's a photo of the actual video wall demonstrating the above configuration:

The control software then provides an overview site map of all three surfaces. Each surface can then be operated by a unique user.

Note that the same inputs and content sources can be made use of more than once, not only within the layout for a particular surface but critically, shared across multiple surfaces. This is a critical concept, and speaks to the versatility of this kind of system configuration.

'Surface Management' is a feature of the enterprise edition of our control software, and is available on our DWC-1200, DWC-1800, DWC-2400 and DWC-5600 models. This function can be combined with the 'User Profile Management' feature which allows you to define user access rights at a per-surface level.

For a personal, over-the-web demonstration of this or other functionality, please contact Rowan Hall or Daniel Niedermeyer on +61 3 9024 8711