About PanoTek

The products that PanoTek manufactures or distributes are focused at the convergence of AV and IT. We strive to deliver functionality in our products that make them a value leader in the industry. Our in-depth technical knowledge, market experience and service record places us in a unique position to assist you with your next visual systems project.

PanoTek services the end customer through a stable of qualified solution partners in the Systems and A/V Integration channel.

PanoTek was launched in 2015 as a result of recognising a gap in the market for sophisticated AV system solutions that were not readily accessible through the conventional tech distribution channels.

The common theme linking our solutions is that they are concerned with transmitting, presenting and interacting with visual information, and they are formed from a combination of specialised hardware and software.

PanoTek directly services the AV and IT integration market, and is structured to be able to provide a high degree of technical expertise in the areas of product selection, specification and commissioning.