Large Format Visualisation

Powerful and flexible tech for driving all types of digital display canvas.

PanoTek builds world-class visualisation platforms for any need, space or objective.

Our Digital Canvas Processors are powerful, versatile and scalable graphics servers. They are equally at home driving mission-critical control room video walls or powering amazing interactive AV installations in public spaces.

Choose from several models to match the scale of the installation. Each model offers similar functionality, including dynamic content arrangement, layout presets and elegant integration mechanisms. Most importantly, PanoTek products are offered with comprehensive technical expertise, commissioning assistance and post-sales support.


Digital Canvas Processors

A PanoTek Digital Canvas Processor lies at the heart of a scalable video wall. Our processors are powerful, versatile and scalable graphics servers, creating a foundation for large format displays or visual systems such as classic video walls or modular LED installations. With our Digital Canvas Processors, users can create mosaics of content sourced from:

  • AV input capture.
  • IP streams.
  • Desktop KVM over LAN.
  • Web applications and dashboards.
  • Media asset playback.

Solutions built with PanoTek’s Digital Canvas Processors deliver reliable display with low latency and clean signal delivery. All product models offer similar functional capability including dynamic layout control and seamless canvas management with easy-to-control mechanisms.

Featured products and solutions

DCP-4800 Digital Canvas Processor

The DCP-4800 Digital Canvas Processor is our latest offering and sets a new benchmark for graphics power and performance. It’s the platform of choice for driving large-format composite displays (many 4K panels or projectors) and ultra-high-resolution rendering workloads, including 3D visualisation, immersive projection, digital set backdrops, massive-scale game rendering, VR applications and photorealistic simulation.


Control Rooms

Control rooms act as the nerve centre of critical organisational operations. Our Digital Canvas Processors provide the means to maintain a birds-eye “panoramic view” of the situation, whether the application is for managing public safety, surveillance, defence, operational logistics, process control or mine management.

Collaborative Spaces

Use PanoTek processors for presentations, live video, remote team collaboration and more. Our solutions empower a team of people to collaborate with multiple sources of live content being presented side by side, either in one physical space or in multiple nodes around the world.

Team Collaboration

Architectural Installations

Increasingly architects are designing a digital dimension into the environments they create for their clients. This can be for aesthetics, ambience, mood setting, public engagement or functional way-finding. PanoTek Digital Canvas Processors deliver the means to power stunning, animated digital surfaces of unlimited pixel resolution.

Art and Education

From Projection festivals to Museum and Gallery installations, PanoTek’s Digital Canvas Processors can be employed to create imaginative, interactive installations that engage, inform and delight.

Features and Benefits

High Performing and Scalable

Our products are designed to be powerful, reliable and designed to deliver value.

Flexible and Versatile

Our Digital Canvas Processors can be deployed into a wide variety of applications and use cases.

Integration Friendly

Multiple elegant integration mechanisms make it easy to control a solution with a PanoTek DCP at the core.


We’re local to the Australian market and timezones; this is extremely important to systems integrators and end customers. By working side-by-side with your implementation team during project delivery, we help ease the commissioning process, assist with problem solving and reduce risk.

An incredible company to work with - the team’s expertise and reliability are second to none. PanoTek has been pivotal to MNGD delivering several phenomenal projects for clients.
Lucas Catanese - Senior Project Manager - MNGD

Customer Experience

There are three distinct groups that we aim to work with closely during the course of a project:


By providing expert solution design advice early in the conceptual phase of a project, we help build the foundation for technological success. PanoTek solutions excel in heterogeneous technical environments.

Systems Integrators

Integrators are the parties we are typically working with directly at a commercial level to help them deliver projects to their clients. We provide expert commissioning assistance at project delivery time, and back our products with a high level of ongoing, local technical support.

End Customers

There are many different applications and use cases for our products. End customers want to know that a solution is going to meet their needs and expectations, and are often surprised by the additional capabilities that our solutions offer them. There is nothing quite like a live or virtual demonstration to crystalise decisions about requirements and scale.

If you’re looking for the tools necessary to bring enhanced visualisation experiences to life, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us to set up a demo today.